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New State-of-the-Art 3D Laser Scanner

The Chiropractor utilizes the newest technology in 3D scanning. Multiple laser scans are taken of the foot AND your shoes in less than 30 seconds. Inorder to design the most suitable custom orthotic it is important to account for the shoes you wear on daily basis. Shoe fit is key for any comfortable fitting orthotic.

Wearing an orthotic which is tailored and designed specifically for your own footwear improves both comfort and function and significantly reduces chances the orthotic will require adjusting due to your heeling being pushed out of your shoe, too tight a fit or sore spots and blisters.

2022 New State -of-the-Art 3D Laser Scanner

  • 3D Scanning of your feet AND shoes (for more a tailored fit)
  • Adjustments to The Orthotic [if required]
  • Orthotic Lab Manufacturing Letter Provided
  • Covered by Your Extended Health Benefits!
  • We are recognized and covered by most insurance providers.

Biomechanical Assessment & Gait Analysis
There are NO extra fees to our service.

Initial Assessment *for new patients — $120
Orthotic Assessment *for existing patients — $80

Orthotics — $495