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Palmdale Health Centre has provided excellent professional service to our surrounding communities for over 13 years.We pride ourselves in the knowledge and wisdom that touch is an elemental dimension of our human existence and absolutely necessary to enhance the creative, self-organizing healing potential in each one of us.

Palmdale Health Centre has been a trusted source of effective skin care therapy for many years. We pride ourselves on providing practical knowledge and helpful recommendations dispensed by a team of professionally trained and certified practitioners committed to offering best care and solutions for our clients skin needs.

We also specialize in sports therapy, accident recovery and chronic pain management. We offer Registered Massage Therapy, Low Intensity Laser Therapy, Health Coaching and Detoxification Treatments.  We use natural (and organic when possible) lotions, soaps, and cleaning supplies.  

We provide Massage Therapy for everyone from newborn to the elderly. Treatment type is geared to the individual needs including: pregnancy massage, trigger point treatments, deep tissue massage, postural realignment and stress management.

Laser Therapy is a pain-free, non surgical approach to relief from soft tissue injury to chronic pain that works by stimulating and accelerating the body's natural healing process.  Unlike most pharmaceutical solutions, low intensity laser therapy is curative rather than simply masking symptoms.


Massage Therapy is an enjoyable and effective treatment for many conditions that cause stress, muscle or joint discomfort.

Massage therapy uses a variety of hands on techniques that apply stretch and pressure to soft tissues to relieve pain and maintain or improve physical function of muscles and joints.  

When we perform daily tasks and physical activities, our muscles are contracting repeatedly by way of nerve signals sent from the brain and chemical reactions within the muscle tissue.  When you strain a muscle, part of the muscle fiber is damaged through rupture of the muscle cell membrane, which releases an excess of chemical mediators for muscle contraction, and the result is continued contraction of the muscle, even after activity and movement has stopped.  Muscles shorten and lengthen with joint movement but the sustained shortening after strain causes decrease in flexibility and decrease in blood flow and elimination of metabolic waste products through the muscles.  This creates an uncomfortable stiffness and sore feeling, strain on joints, ultimately making you more susceptible to muscular injury/re-injury.  The same thing occurs after prolonged activity, even if you do not think you have strained a muscle.  The prolonged use of muscles shortens them and does not allow for sufficient blood flow, oxygen flow and removal of metabolic waste, which leads to formation of painful muscle knots.


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